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seek_abroad's Journal

Seeking abroad - meet new people from anywhere
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Meeting new people from anywhere in the world
Hello, and welcome!

This community (in short) is dedicated to meeting new people from anywhere in the world, for the sake of meeting new people anywhere in the world!

If you are interested in learning all about other countries and cultures then this is the place. If you are getting sick of reverting back to political faces when talking about other countries with friends and family, wishing you could say 'Well I have a friend over there and he/she said they have never ran into any trouble with that!' then this is where to begin.

Now, (in long) this community is interested in helping people become more networked with others from other countries, hopefully to help disambiguate and demystify people who want to know a little bit (or possibly a lot) more about others countries. Debate, discussion, or even just those basic little Q&A (e.g. What is it like to live there?!) that you have ever wanted to ask is what this community is all about, making it a good place for meeting and talking to new friends, for prospective exchange students, travelers, those interested in other cultures and those interested in international affairs.

I realize that being in different parts of the world might bring about language problems, but never fear - the babel fish can help with (at times seemingly ad hoc) translations!


-Be polite
-In each post or comment, before you write anything, list your country
-Be ready to answer others questions
-Be honest (disambiguation is what this is about)
-Have fun meeting new people!

I apologize for missing out on some Countries in the interest list, but with a limit of 150 I had to!

It shouldn't be long before there is some nicer coding for the pages too, so enjoy!