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Summer breeze at Karaka - Seeking abroad - meet new people from anywhere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Seeking abroad - meet new people from anywhere

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Summer breeze at Karaka [Oct. 17th, 2014|11:18 am]
Seeking abroad - meet new people from anywhere
The best decision you can make, rather than waiting for a bus or a taxi to go into
the Old Town, is to take a panoramic cruise with Karaka! Avoid terrible traffic
jams on a hot summer’s day.

Join us on a cruise and enjoy panorama views of port Gruž, Dubrovnik bridge,
Daksa island (and Elafiti islands in the distance), Lapad peninsula, Dubrovnik
coastline to the Old Town walls and Lokrum island, with the cruise finishing in
the Old Town port. The Panorama cruise is also organized, for after dinner, with
departure from the Old Town for arrival to port Gruž.
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[User Picture]From: Madhan Kumar
2015-07-30 07:51 am (UTC)

some helping money to study

Hi friends Im Madhan from India we are poor so icant study because im not having enough money can you please help me
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