Summer breeze at Karaka

The best decision you can make, rather than waiting for a bus or a taxi to go into
the Old Town, is to take a panoramic cruise with Karaka! Avoid terrible traffic
jams on a hot summer’s day.

Join us on a cruise and enjoy panorama views of port Gruž, Dubrovnik bridge,
Daksa island (and Elafiti islands in the distance), Lapad peninsula, Dubrovnik
coastline to the Old Town walls and Lokrum island, with the cruise finishing in
the Old Town port. The Panorama cruise is also organized, for after dinner, with
departure from the Old Town for arrival to port Gruž.
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Hello from the East

Hello guys! 
I'm 26 years old, living in south Russia.
I have a good journal in russian LJ sphere, but i tired of it, and i want to find some friends here from abroad.
Russian bloggers are too much unsociable, so it's so boring to write good post and watching on short comments like - "wow", "ok", "yes, it's so". I searching for communication, not the sad reaction)))
Hope for interesting communication and i ready to answer the questions about Russia and russians if you have some;)

About myself - i am a lawyer assistant, but it's boring and i decide to make business from next year. I like travelling, or rather backpacking, bicycling, rock (rock'n'roll, brit-pop, blues) music - i even have own radio publick in russian social net Vkontakte. 
For more, when i have free time, i usually read books and write my own (1 book in translating on english and one more is in progress). Sometimes i write poetry, but on russian for now, but i'll try my best))

So, you're welcome, my friends!


Hey everyone! I'm from California and just graduated from college, where I studied journalism and politics. Instead of looking for a job like the rest of my friends, I decided to travel alone to Turkey and Israel to explore the countries and volunteer for a few months. I just started a blog and am having trouble getting followers, if you may be interested in reading about my experiences and life in general (which I assure you is a joke) I'd really appreciate if you'd follow my blog! I'd in turn follow yours and be an active participant :) Please give me any feedback, I appreciate constructive criticism. I appreciate any type of criticism. Well...I appreciate any attention I get in general but that's a different issue I need to work on.
This is the link to my blog: A La Mode
You can follow me by clicking 'Join This Site' under 'followers'

I hope you don't mind me posting this here, if so I'll be sure to delete my post!


Hi all, this is my first time posting an entry. i'm 25 years old guy from indonesia. i love traveling, trying new things n' meeting new people from all over the globe n' from other planets if can..:D

i can speak indonesian, english, hokkien, and little bit of mandarin(cause i stayed in china for 1 year).

for now what like n' often do is snorkeling in thousands island, indonesia. the sea water in there is so clear n' the view is so beautiful.

so add me..^^ 
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Hi there!)

My name is Olga and I'm from Russia.

I'm going to celebrate the new year on Guam. Is there anyone in those territories?

Feel free to contact me if you will be in Moscow.  ^_^

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I am going to visit China this winter.  I know that I will visit Beiijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, but I would also like to visit more remote areas around those cities.  Can someone please advise me on relatively easy to get to locations around those big cities? I'm limited on time, so it can't be an all day trip.

I am looking for mystical landscape - the real China.

Please help if you can.  I am open to all suggestions and advice.  Also, if you could let me know which cities out of the three that I've mentioned needs the longest stay, please let me know why and how long you would suggest in each.